From Breath to Being

Guided Meditations for Crossing over Consciously

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To Cross over Consciously is to be Enlightened...

Is there life after death? The time in between lives is a time of rest, recuperation and preparation for the next life; it's the night where life is the day, both are equally important in order to have the full experience the soul desires. In this CD we move into other realms through guided meditation and journeying.

Death is a continuation on this journey of existence; through connection with your soul you will be able to understand and feel what this journey is all about. Chitra Sukhu pulls back the curtain on this show called life and gives you a glimpse behind the scenes. When you can see life for what it is, you will know how to move in the physical realm like a creator with purpose, while being able to surrender to the workings of an amazing universe that has your highest purpose in mind.
From Breath to Being allows you access into the higher realms of yourself.

With continual use of this CD you’ll find yourself becoming more:
• Peaceful
• Less afraid
• Purposeful
• Meditative

This CD is great for anyone who is:
• Terminally ill
• Wanting to die consciously (enlightenment)
• Afraid of death
• Dealing with loss

Benefits of this Practice:

Enlighten Me!