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Health * Love * Peace * Happiness * Success and Prosperity

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Create your Life Consciously!

Manifest better Health, Love, Happiness and Success & Prosperity in your life with these Sanskrit Mantras.

These powerful sounds (mantra) re-arrange the energetic universe in such a way to bring about your intended desire. This is the power of Mantra. Your intention directs the mind focusing it on a desire, the sound of mantra grounds it into the physical universe rearranging the elements in such a way that allows for your desired result. These mantras I've collected and put together for you, it will help you to manifest and create the life of your dreams. Enjoy!

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Svastha * Prema * Shanti * Ananda * Shakti

50 Sanskrti Mantras to manifest Health, Love, Peace, Happiness and Success & Prosperity in your life! $89.95 value 

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Svastha - Health

Health is your greatest treasure. It starts with a healthy mind. Mantras penetrate deep into the subtle aspects of mind purifying and healing the ego (ahamkara), the unconscious (chitta), the gross mind (manas) and allowing the intellect (Buddhi) to maintain a healthy body/mind system. Mantras speak directly to the Buddhi, awakening and orchestrating the healing that is needed. Once the mind is healthy the body follows. After all, the body is an extension of the mind. When your mind and body are healthy your experience of life is beautiful. Healthy mind=healthy body.


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Prema - Love

Mantras for Love - We are all embodiments of love, but most of us don’t experience this love. These mantras will raise your vibration to the highest frequency, which is pure love. In this space you’re whole; from this space you can attract the love that you desire.


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Shanti - Peace

When the physical and subtle bodies are purified, peace descends. These mantras are carefully selected to do just that - purify and refine body and mind to such a degree that peace descends into your being.


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Ananda - Happiness

When your body, mind and soul are in alignment with the universe, the universe can flow through you, allowing you to reach heights of extreme bliss. These mantras will attune and harmonize you with the universal energy, allowing for a state of true happiness to be experienced.


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Shakti - Success & Prosperity

Success is a state of mind. Prosperity is an overflowing of abundant positivity in your energy field. Whenever there is depletion in your energy field, you sense a lack, this manifests as poverty. Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. These mantras will enrich your inner world, focusing and purifying the mind and body, allowing you to have a positive energy field. When your level of energy and desire reach its peak the result is success and prosperity.


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These Mantra's will:

"I'm loving this one (Svastha), I can't wait to try her other mantra CD's! I'm really liking this... I've been doing mantra meditation for some years now but this takes it to another level. I listen to these mantras before I go to sleep focusing on my health and wellbeing, I also play it in my car repeating the mantras out loud, very powerful! Chitra's voice is unique and beautiful and her pronunciation is clear and easy to follow."


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