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Chitra Chants CD

Mystical by Nature

These Chants will saturate your body and mind with divine energy, raise your vibration, and increase joy and connection.

10 Soul expanding tracks.

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Tantra Guided Meditation CD

5 Techniques inspired by the Vijñāna Bhairava Tantra. They will leave you with a feeling of expansion and presence. These methods done regularly will transform your life. 

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From Breath to Being CD

Guided Meditations for Crossing over Consciously.

Chitra Sukhu pulls back the curtain on this show called life and gives you a glimpse behind the scenes.

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Vedic Lullabies CD

For Yoga, Sleep, Ayurveda, Massage and Meditation

These Vedic slokas and Sanskrit mantras will penetrate deep into the center of your Being allowing for your highest Truth to emerge.

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The Way of the Child

A Practical Guide for Parents and Teachers - E-BOOK

Are you looking for ways to teach your child or student meditation? If so, this is a comprehensive handbook that will get your child/children meditating in no time.

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Mantra Series

Health * Love * Peace * Happiness * Success & Prosperity

These powerful mantra's re-arrange the energetic universe in such a way to bring about your intended desire. 5 Uplifting CD's to consciously create your reality. 

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"My name is Tonjolia Davis, I work for a nonprofit agency that deals with abused and neglected children. I have enjoyed this work for the past 11 years but I noticed that the staff was having a horrible time at bedtime with the boys. I purchased the CD and it has done wonders for our agency. The boys love it, and the staff loves me for buying it. I just wanted to take the time to thank you myself. The staff is able to spend time completing paper work while the boys drift off into a peaceful sleep. Thanks, Tonjolia PS. We started out with one CD now we have three."

Tonjolia Davis

"Dearest Chitra, just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful work you do by making the meditation CD’s for kids… I met your dad 25yrs ago. I was in one of his yoga classes, and then 16 yrs. ago I had my daughter. I bought all your CD’s, and up to this day she goes to bed with your meditations... it has truly helped her to go inside and find the answers... your CD’s have been her foundation to find that calm within, and now in her teenage years I can see her blossom into a very strong and peaceful being, so again, a big thank you, lots of love."

Satya Savitri

"Small thank-you. I've forgotten what little I learned of yoga back in the 1970s... but picked up an mp3 of yours from Amazon a couple of months ago, "Chakra: Guided Meditations to Unleash Your Full Potential," and it's one of my favorites to relax and fall asleep to. (I've never made it all the way through awake... someday.) I picked up an unexpected case of pneumonia last week and the coughing was unreal. That mp3 of yours STILL allowed me to get small bits of much-needed sleep! There's something indescribable to me about this work. Something to do with the calmness of it, your remarkable voice, plus the... is resonance the word I want? The way the Om chant blends with the background and just makes everything perfect. It's sort of like harmony, but something more. I just wanted to thank you for creating it. It's one of my very favorite things to listen to, and has been a huge blessing lately. "

Chris Hawkins

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Guided Meditations for the Soul CD - Journey Within