Guided Meditation Techniques for Transformation and Liberation

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"Most of us are sleeping but we don't know that till we wake up" - Chitra Sukhu

These powerful yet simple meditation techniques were inspired by the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, in this text Shiva expounds on 112 techniques to go beyond consciousness. I've chosen five to guide you through and leave you with a feeling of expansion and presence. These methods done regularly can transform your life. You will find yourself more aware and awake. If you can experience life as it is without elaboration then you are there... in the gap, in the moment, in eternity... these meditations will take you there refining your personality and transforming your life. This experience... this gift... I would like to share with everyone; this is my gift to you....

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"Wonderful album! Its a keeper- I Will never get bored of it! I LOVE this album. I love ALL of the tracks. I love her voice, and her wisdom. Very relaxing, very soothing! Very helpful for peace and for me letting go of deep trauma I have struggled to let go of in my life. Very grateful- SO Thankful to have this album."

Tammy D.

"Good stuff!!! I experienced some state of Samadhi (I think) just listening to the track "Shower of Light". These are good traditional techniques that are presented in a unique way that brings results."

Brian Decker

Transform Me!

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Liberate Me!

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