Vedic Lullabies

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For Yoga, Sleep, Ayurveda, Massage and Meditation

These ancient Vedic Slokas and Mantras are accompanied by tanpura, flute and sitar, vibrating and speaking to the Soul in its very own language. Relaxing melodies weave a state of absolute meditative bliss.

Sanskrit Mantras penetrate deep into the center of our Being, allowing for our highest Truth to emerge. These vibrations are powerful, freeing and uplifting, while allowing us a glimpse into our true nature. With frequent listening and repetition you will achieve a state of Peace and expansiveness. This is a beautiful CD for sleep, Meditation, Yoga, Massage, and Ayurvedic therapy. Great for all ages!

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"Great for all ages! I listen to this CD often with my children but I've found its great for adults as well. Great melodies and Chitra's singing is wonderful! I would highly recommend this for everyone."

Brian Decker

"Profound, delicious, centering. Chitra Sukhu's "Vedic Lullabies" is soothing, lovely. Recorded in India, it transports one to another plane through sacred texts, Sukhu's pure voice, and authentic orchestration. An excellent choice for practice of yoga, massage therapy, or meditation and relaxation."


"Bestows peace and calmness on the mind. This is one of the first music I listen to when I wake up first thing in the morning though it is meant to be lullabies. It calms my mind and a feeling of peace descends on me making me feel rejuvenated. Go get won't be disappointed. I hope Chitra can continue to make more of this magic!"

Manju Vijay

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