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A Practical Guide for Parents and Teachers

Are you looking for ways to teach your child or student meditation? If so, this is a comprehensive handbook that will get your child/children meditating in no time.

For thousands of years, meditation has enabled people to find peace and happiness. From this ancient heritage come scientifically proven benefits. Experienced practitioners have been shown to live healthier, happier, more balanced lives.

Children need and deserve to receive these benefits, at least as much as adults. Yet meditation techniques designed for adults can easily fail with children, who are more easily distracted.

That’s where a new book, “The Way of the Child” can help. Author Chitra Sukhu has guided many children to successful meditation habits through her company New Age Kids. Now she shares her experiences so that everyone can empower their child to meditate. This book effectively outlines simple, yet effective techniques for children age’s four to twelve.

In this comprehensive guide, meditation instruction is made easy. You’ll learn:

● Why everyone should meditate
● How meditation can help children with ADD find focus
● 8 different types of meditation
● 13 tips for a successful meditation session
● 3 meditation instruction syllabi, including pre-test meditation
● 16 sample scripts for guided meditations you can use with your child

And much, much more!

Children naturally move outward, ready to discover and explore the outer world - meditation practices designed specifically for children allows for inner exploration bringing about a balance of inner and outer exploration - a “whole” child is born.

The earlier your child starts meditating, the earlier he or she can establish the calmness and confidence to succeed through whatever life offers. The Way of the Child addresses the “whole child”. Awaken your child so that he or she can live a happier, healthier and more productive life!

Some Benefits of Guided Meditation:

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