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Tantra Techniques for Transformation and Liberation

This course will delve deep into 8 Tantric Techniques found in the Vijñāna Bhairava Tantra; these powerful yet simple techniques will leave you with a feeling of expansion and presence. 

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Manifesting Series -

Love. Happiness. Success. Peace. Health.

Manifest the life you want through meditation, mantra, and secret Vedic techniques that will empower and teach you how to become creators and master of your reality.

From Here to Enlightenment

Learn simple everyday techniques that will refine and purify your body/mind system, allowing you to abide in your true nature. 

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Chitra Sukhu

Some people live their Life for a Cause. And Chitra Sukhu is one such Lady. She has committed her Life in diligent Service (Seva) to enhance the Lives of so many Others. Her Cause is, “To Enrich, Empower, and Enlighten (E3) through Yoga, Ayurveda, Vedanta, and Meditation.” Learn more


The Way of the Child (e-book)

Meditation for Children - A Practical Guide for Parents and Teachers.

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Tantra: Guided Meditation CD

Five guided meditations, inspired by the Vijñāna Bhairava Tantra, to tranform and liberate you! 

And 1 instrumental for your own practice.

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From Breath to Being CD

Meditations for Crossing Over Consciously.

Chitra Sukhu pulls back the curtain on this show called life and gives you a glimpse behind the scenes. 

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"Chitra is: Most Excellent. Integrous. Ingenious. Sincere. Creative. Caring. Wise. Awake. Dedicated. Sensitive. Top-Notch."

Dr. Enrico Melson

"Chitra Sukhu is a beautiful person and a wellspring of knowledge. I studied under her in the summer of 2013 in the Youth Yoga Teacher Training at Peaceful Valley Ashram. Before then, I had approached the practice of yoga as purely physical. Yet with Chitra's teaching, I was able to deepen my practice. If you're a yogi looking for a full, authentic experience of yoga, search no further."

Patricia Robinson
Yoga Teacher

"I met Chitra a few years ago while in search of a more spiritually grounded soul inside myself. I knew right away that this was a person who walked the walk. She offers insight and knowledge into how, where, and why we are who we are, and how to reach the levels of awareness that allow us a more peaceful and serene existence. My life is very different than it was when I first met Chitra, and continues to move in the direction of change for the better every day!!! Thank you, peace and love."

Paul Belanger
Director/Actor Owner Beachnuts Theater

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Guided Meditations for the Soul CD - Journey Within

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